One Thing I Go Cheap On

I have had a good home entertainment system in the past, but equipment always needs updating. I want the latest thing as soon as it comes out. It is like people who want the newest cell phone no matter what it costs. Changes are frequent and they cause us to outlay more and more cash. I have to skimp on other expenses to break even. I don’t travel much or dine in fancy restaurants. I keep my car a few extra years, and no one would say that I am a clothes horse. One area that gets short shrift is personal accessories and sports items. Take my watch, for example. I try to go cheap, even if it means that I buy them more often. In the long run, I feel that by sticking to my budget, I can save money. Home entertainment wins by a long shot every time.

Cheap mens watches are often copies or look-a-likes of the expensive designer models, but they aren’t built to last. When they do, it is a bonus. I recently cracked the face of one of my watches when I was reaching aggressively behind the TV to restart the frozen Blu-ray player. I passed over some nifty looking watches on eBay, even if they were a fair price. An expensive watch is just not for me. I have always been successful in finding good buys when I want to replace an old watch that has just died permanently. I could get a new face for the broken one, but I thought to myself, watches are so cheap that they beat the cost of a new face due to the labor charged for repair.

Everyone has their breaking point and mine is personal items. Men don’t have that many compared to women and they certainly save on salon costs. They don’t spend as much on attire and of course they find cosmetics irrelevant. Jewelry is sparse other than maybe a wedding band for those who are married. All in all, they luck out when it comes to one’s budget. They say that men make more money than women in the same jobs, but the latter certainly need more. Have you ever seen a woman’s closet?

My drawers are practically empty but my home theater space takes up a lot of room. You know when you enter my home where my heart is. If you look at my wrist, you will not be impressed. Women, and other men I know, succumb to the draw of all those gorgeous watch ads in magazines. Yes, they are a true status symbol. Not for me, my friend. I get my accolades from TV and stereo equipment. I can share my home entertainment center with friends. You can’t share your watch. It makes the most sense to invest in something with a social purpose.

People know not to give me a watch for a present even though they wouldn’t have to spend much. They go for classic or new movies, something everyone can watch together on a free night. I don’t fight it.