Obvious Place To Start For a Quality (Bed)room Theater

They say you should get a new mattress every eight years or so in order to sleep better. Sinking and sagging is not high on anyone’s list of nighttime activities. You get used to the old thing and don’t even notice the passing years. Your mattress is your sleep buddy and you accept him as is. While there is no doubt a bit of hype in designating only eight years, there is also no doubt more than a grain of truth in this suggestion. I, for one, think it’s fine to buy a new mattress for the bedroom theater.

Look at all those ads in the newspaper, if you still read one, that show great specials and price savings. You just have to pick one of the demo models to get a good deal. That’s fine with me so I can spend more money on the entertainment center I have installed in my bedroom. While I have one in the living room, I find that after a hard day at work, I want to settle into the best mattress for back pain that money can buy, pull a throw over me, and watch a giant plasma TV or listen to some music in surround sound.

So it starts with the right bed and progresses on to the real equipment. When I put the main system in the living room, I was pretty excited. Theater to me meant going to the movies and becoming immersed in a larger than life experience on a massive silver screen. I have a mini version of it as most people do for lack of space, not to mention respect for the neighbors. I can approximate more than a little bit the epic quality of the cinema.

My bedroom version is more modest but it does the job. It is more than a TV hanging on the wall and a few good speakers. I have virtually dedicated this room to the pleasures of light and sound. The products involved are various and it pays to get some help. I had a professional designer in for the living room entertainment center in order to maximize budget and space. I am doing it myself in the bedroom having learned the ropes. I know that HDTVs produce stunning pictures with lifelike detail, but they need the addition of home theater sound to really create a magical experience for sci-fi and thriller movies. So speakers are on the top of the list for quality equipment.

That means a fabulous receiver which is the main heart of the system. It provides surround sound processing and the power you need to drive the speakers. I wanted a condensed and concise hub for all my audio/video sources as well as the TV. I love wireless control using a mobile app which makes life, and leisure, a whole lot easier. You have to know how to connect the receiver just right to the speakers, and with surround sound, there are at least five. Don’t forget a powered subwoofer in the mix. The options are so many that I need another blog to detail them. Just know that in the living room I have floor-standing towers, while in the bedroom I went for in-ceiling models.

Sometimes when I am tired and the mattress beckons, I lay down on a fluffed pillow and listen to my playlist. I go into reveries to escape a bad day at work. Even after a good day, I like to unwind to some of my most popular tunes. I stream music from the Internet if I want some new sounds. Whatever my preference, the bedroom is a bastion of moving pictures and accompanying surround sound.