Movies Are More Real Than Reality

Obviously, most movies don’t portray most professions very accurately. They portray the professions the way people outside the field imagine them to be, for better or for worse. These are supposed to be fantasies, and they’re great at that. It’s like they edited out all of the boring parts that people are going to edit out of their memories anyway, and they gave you everything that’s actually good.

Those same principles apply when it comes to the characters. A lot of people in real life don’t talk like some clever screenwriter scripted their dialogue. The characters in movies talk in a way that sounds more realistic than the way in which people actually talk, because we edit out all of the annoying pauses and interruptions that happen during normal speech. Conversations are more real in movies than a lot of genuine conversations.

People will talk about how people who spend too much time in fictional universes like movies aren’t spending enough time in the real world. The thing is, humans don’t really have access to the real world. We just have an approximation of it based on our senses. We can’t sense ultraviolet like a bee; even though ultraviolet is just as much a part of the real world as anything that we do experience as a matter of course. Fiction is more realistic to us than reality because it is a reality created by humans for humans, with all of the other stuff that we don’t normally pay attention to filtered out because we don’t need it. That’s why it’s always going to be more entertaining than all of the stuff that we normally do, even if that’s the stuff that is technically real.

People without fiction have their jobs, the people they know, and their other hobbies, and that’s it. People with fiction have all of that, plus a lot of other people who feel real, and a lot of other jobs and occupations that feel real. We have our simulated lives and our actual lives, and really, they’re all our ‘actual’ lives.