Man Cave

A friend of mine has been complaining about not having a space of his own in the house, and I guess his wife finally got sick of the complaining. She told him that if he didn’t mind parking his car on the street, he could have the garage to do with as he sees fit. Turns out, he doesn’t mind parking the car on the street and he sees fit to turn the garage into a man cave. After doing a victory dance, he called me. He knows I’m the guy that knows about home theater equipment. He wanted me to go shopping with him to create his new hangout.

We went to the electronics store, where he purchased a sweet new television, a blu-ray player, and some additional audio equipment. The walls in the garage cannot hold something as heavy as the tv, so instead of buying brackets to mount it, we headed to a furniture store next. There he picked out an entertainment center that would fit the television and everything else we bought, and some seating. We were able to walk out with the entertainment center since it was a self-assembly project, but the seating he wanted had to be special ordered. It would be about five days before it was ready. From there, it was time to get some stuff for the walls—I steered him away from the neon signs by pointing out that there weren’t a whole lot of outlets to spare in there. The last stop on our trip was to the home improvement store. At that mecca to all things power tool, we picked up the last few things we needed: some coaxial cable, surge protectors, that kind of thing. We thought about getting some paint but decided that we’d rather watch tv than watch paint dry, so that was the end of that. We did have one other problem we needed to solve, however. There’s no heating in the garage, which is partially the reason why we’re calling it a man cave. We’re clever like that. But we did pick up a garage heater while we were there on the recommendation of one of the employees. He assured us that the model we picked could heat the whole room to be a reasonable temperature man room when necessary.

We brought everything back to the garage and started the assembly and hookups. The first thing that we did was set up the heater. It is pretty light and it came with a wall mount. So we found a stud and attached the bracket to it. Once it went up, we turned it on and tested it out. It warmed the room up pretty quickly and we were comfortable in no time. It didn’t take us that long to set up everything else. I’m pretty good with a hex key and setting up home theater equipment. We just inserted tab a into slot b a few times and that was that.

The place will be nice when the seating is delivered next week. Then I’m going to bring over some movies and we’ll test everything out.