Making the Man Cave

I want people to have a glass of wine while sitting at my man cave bar atop a sturdy and steady bar stool. This is what I envision Sunday should be, and it is a change of tune for many. When movie night falls, guests arrive and they are quickly given a glass of their preference: red or white. Some opt for beer, but wine is the newest trend in my neighborhood, and it’s growing by leaps and bounds. People know more than ever before about the difference between French, California, Spanish, and Italian wines. They know when to pick German over Australian or vice versa. They can get downright picky!

I always wanted a man cave and knew that I would have to move to get one. This finally happened and I had a basement to convert, just to my particular taste. It was to be a home entertainment center with state of the art equipment and surround sound, geared for anything from music listening to athletic game viewing. Everyone would want to come over and enjoy. There would be plenty of good food and drinks of one’s choice. It would be the center of a personal, but shared, universe.

Good host that I am, I designed the space to include a small, but well equipped, bar so people could gather and sit, rather than just opting for the already crowded sofa, or the last resort—a hard floor. The TV screen is in full view of this bar area. I have started to amass a nice wine collection that is stored in a handy portable wine cooler. It is dual control so it can house reds and whites just at the perfect temperature. Wine will be on the play list even during football games, nudging aside the ubiquitous beer.

Guests love the bar stools as I got tall metal ones that suit my larger friend’s girths. They make the man cave seem custom to the wine samplings. After watching a lot of “Bar Rescue”, I learnt that Jon Taffer things that having good quality bar stools is important to guests liking your bar, so I spared no expense and bought the best bar stools online for my bar. I like to line the countertop with bottles of my favorite new purchases so people can try more than one. Movie or game night is thus a two-pronged affair. You can do as much or as little of one or the other as you like. If someone drinks too much and starts to teeter off the stools, it is time for the club chairs and couch (or home).

A man cave is a real luxury, even if it is your basement. But after all, where else does one reside, except maybe the attic. If your basement has an exit to the backyard, so much the better. You can add barbecuing to the mix or a break for fresh air at half time. No matter what you have to start with, from a big to a small space, you can make it all your own. Be sure to include some storage, and if you can’t install a true bar, at least a nice-sized wine cooler to accommodate your guests. It’s a new world of home entertainment, my friends, thanks to the exciting and expansive world of wine.