Little But Fierce

If you have a gun, or several of them, then you no doubt have a gun safe that houses your entire collection. I have a generic concept of a metal freestanding or wall mounted unit with drawers and racks inside that is accessed by means of a combination dial lock, a digital lock, or a key. The safe would be several feet tall in size. When I think of these safes, I think big: rifles aligned in a row and a couple of pistol stowed on top. But they are not all alike.

Since I do own a gun, a safe would be in order and I don’t yet have one. I am in the process of making a selection and know that I want something a bit on the small side that does the job. It will protect the gun from fire and water damage, as well as rust and other types of corrosion. It will be little but fierce and no one will haul it off in a robbery since it will be bolted down.

Why so small? It is all a matter of space. I want the gun safe in the den next to my bedroom where I can get it in a flash. If I hear unknown footsteps approaching my valuables, I can open it in seconds. But it will live amid my movie collection in the built-in cabinet that graces the den wall. It will be in good company. I only have a small section of space available, but no matter. It is only one lone gun. I am required to have a gun safe by law (although it doesn’t mention size) and I want it to meet all specifications. It will just be small!

A gun and a gun safe are a mighty pair that you want to be together for security reasons. You never want a gun to be available to a child or an intruder, as much as you think it is hidden. You don’t want to instigate a crisis. It will always be found if it is there. Having a safe will ensure limited access and maximum personal safety for you and your family. There are just too many horror stories out there. You don’t want to add another one.

My movie collection has been growing for years and it takes top priority in my house in any case. I have it arranged and organized alphabetically and it needs more than a few feet of shelving. You may think it odd to have movies and guns in one location, but why not. The den is an all-purpose room that is utilitarian and practical, while the source of various types of entertainment. I can lounge on the comfortable sofa in front of the large flat-screen TV or I can listen to music to relax. I am lucky to have a spare room as a repository of my favorite things. The gun, of course, is not for pleasure, but it is a necessity and demands its own private housing.