Keeping the Couch Clean

My idea of a good home entertainment center is top-of-the-line equipment (plasma TV, expensive speakers in a surround sound system, gorgeous cabinets, mini fridge with icemaker, etc.) and a super comfortable stuffed couch. Whatever I am watching or listening to requires a relaxed mode of being. I can sit or recline, it doesn’t matter. But I have to feel support against my head and back. Here’s where the right sofa comes in.

So you can imagine what I bought first for my special space – a big oversized giant of a thing that has great tufting for extra comfort. It costs a lot more, yes there is a price to pay; however, this special detail adds to the appearance a great deal. The buttons or knoblike round things that form the center of the tufting are dust catchers like you have never seen before. They grab anything in the vicinity like Venus Fly Trap snatchers. You can’t just brush it all aside. It digs in tenaciously until you get the vacuum out. Then it practically flees in fright.

When you are trying to keep your throne of entertainment clean, you need a high degree of suction on your vac. This is rule number one. This means switching to the special hose attachment with the horizontal slit, and turning off the brushes if you’ve got one of the better upright vacuum cleaner models. After a few passes on the sofa surface, you switch to the smaller slot device called the crevice tool to get those extra little bits and particles, like potato chip fragments or cookie crumbs, that don’t want to move from their cozy spot. This is the coup de grace for the sofa.

A hand vac could do it if you don’t wait too long between vacuuming sessions with the big one. It is not as powerful unless you spend some bucks, but it is easily to wield about and the cord isn’t too cumbersome. Just don’t move the thing around wildly in front of the cat if you don’t want havoc on your hands, or any scratches. Cats hate the noise, but the cord is a major threat to life and limb. Here in Canada we don’t mind foreign imports like the Dirt Devil, Black & Decker, Bissell or the DeWalt. They all make small powerful suction machines that will do the trick every time. So feel free to select any that suits your fancy.

If you are loathe to pull out your portable vacuum, small as it is, don’t eat crumbly food on the couch. This is a general rule of home theaters. Keep the space clean. Another rule number one. You will appreciate the cleanliness and guests will not be appalled. They will notice the dearth of dirt and they will also avoid eating messy food so as not to mar the pristine space. This is the good news. Maybe you have a nice patio just off your living or rec room for such entertainment. Provided it is a nice, sunny day, most friends and family will comply.