If you don’t have a home entertainment center, you don’t know what you are missing. You catch your favorite movies and TV shows as you can, where you can, and it may not always be in the best of circumstances. You get spoiled when you have your favorite recliner sitting in front of a giant plasma TV screen with the best surround sound system in town. I have been known to gravitate here quickly after work to unwind and decompress. No long jaunts across town to the local movie theater hoping I might get a decent seat. I have that seat right in my living room, strategically placed for ideal viewing. I love that I can adjust the head and leg rests. I am perfectly comfortable. More than a few friends and family have tried to usurp my chair with no luck. They get my icy stares. Do I dare even think about buying another? No, there is only room for the one.

You can imagine my chagrin when one day the recliner breaks as I was trying to use the adjuster knob to raise the height of the legs. Some screw or bolt came apart. The chair wheezed into inaction. I was nonplussed. I couldn’t fix it myself and was in a bit of a panic. I called the manufacturer. I was told kindly to order a pick up for the chair and that I would be sent a replacement. That would take maybe a month or more. I would have to make do in the interim.

Well a dining room chair was not a solution with its stiff back and small seat. The bedroom desk chair was equally unsatisfactory and was denied being a viable option. Oddly enough I thought of the beach lounge chair I had on the patio. It was comfortable enough. It had a cloth seat and a few adjustable settings. My feet would be propped up and my head erect for perfect screen viewing. I quickly brought in the lounge chair and set it in the recliner’s spot. It looked odd enough but as I hopped on, I realized that I had a solution. I only hoped it was hold up with repeated usage. I tried to be ginger with it and treat it with respect. It was pretty sturdy as these chairs go having been toted numerous times to the beach. How many times had I tossed it into the back seat of the van? Now it only had to last for a month of gentle use. So what if it looked like I was trying to pretend I was on a beach vacation. It was a far cry from a leather upholstered recliner. It was flimsy by comparison, but I was not about to give up my movie nights for lack of a proper chair. With a quilt thrown over the canvas, it wasn’t a bad substitute given the lack of other options. After all, it is a lounge chair, and lounging is what I love.