If you don’t have a home entertainment center, you don’t know what you are missing. You catch your favorite movies and TV shows as you can, where you can, and it may not always be in the best of circumstances. You get spoiled when you have your favorite recliner sitting in front of a giant plasma TV screen with the… More →

Man Cave

A friend of mine has been complaining about not having a space of his own in the house, and I guess his wife finally got sick of the complaining. She told him that if he didn’t mind parking his car on the street, he could have the garage to do with as he sees fit. Turns out, he doesn’t mind… More →

Low Budget Effects

When you want to have a little movie-centered fun, try imitating film special effects. You are somewhat limited in this regard, but there are many that can be done. Especially with friends and/or family, this is good for a few laughs. You don’t have to own or go out and buy all kinds of miscellaneous gadgets used by indie movie… More →

Little But Fierce

If you have a gun, or several of them, then you no doubt have a gun safe that houses your entire collection. I have a generic concept of a metal freestanding or wall mounted unit with drawers and racks inside that is accessed by means of a combination dial lock, a digital lock, or a key. The safe would be… More →

Making the Man Cave

I want people to have a glass of wine while sitting at my man cave bar atop a sturdy and steady bar stool. This is what I envision Sunday should be, and it is a change of tune for many. When movie night falls, guests arrive and they are quickly given a glass of their preference: red or white. Some… More →

One Thing I Go Cheap On

I have had a good home entertainment system in the past, but equipment always needs updating. I want the latest thing as soon as it comes out. It is like people who want the newest cell phone no matter what it costs. Changes are frequent and they cause us to outlay more and more cash. I have to skimp on… More →

Deciding On My Favorite Movies

People will inevitably ask me what my favorite movies are, and I never have an answer. You’d think I would, since I spend a huge portion of my life watching movies, talking about movies, thinking about movies, and just generally being a movie geek. The name of my favorite movie should just roll off my tongue like an iconic movie… More →

Movies Are More Real Than Reality

Obviously, most movies don’t portray most professions very accurately. They portray the professions the way people outside the field imagine them to be, for better or for worse. These are supposed to be fantasies, and they’re great at that. It’s like they edited out all of the boring parts that people are going to edit out of their memories anyway,… More →

The DVDs That We Hardly Knew

A lot of the science fiction that was written during the 2000s still has people using DVDs in the future. As far as I’m concerned, DVDs were already a completely dated technology by then. It feels like we had VHS tapes for a long time, and DVDs only got to enjoy a very brief moment in the sun. It’s almost… More →

Keeping the Couch Clean

My idea of a good home entertainment center is top-of-the-line equipment (plasma TV, expensive speakers in a surround sound system, gorgeous cabinets, mini fridge with icemaker, etc.) and a super comfortable stuffed couch. Whatever I am watching or listening to requires a relaxed mode of being. I can sit or recline, it doesn’t matter. But I have to feel support… More →

The Eternal Joy of Movies

One of the best things about the modern world is the fact that there’s no stigma attached to watching lots of movies anymore. Even the stigma attached to watching lots of television is gone. You’ll actually read Twitter posts where people talk about how they feel guilty for missing this particular show. People will talk about how they definitely have… More →

Mourning Blockbuster Video or Not

Have people become nostalgic for Blockbuster Video? it sometimes seems that way. You see a lot of 1990s nostalgia these days since the 1990s was now officially twenty years ago. Young people get to wax nostalgic about their childhoods, middle-aged people get to wax nostalgic about their young adult years, and older people either join in or laugh at all… More →